No one cares unless your pretty or dying

The many amazing lip makeup designs by Sandra Holmbom here. Gif by me using makeagif.com. For more a FX makeup by Sandra Holmbom go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/psychosandra 

DIY American Horror Story Weeping Nun Halloween Costume Tutorial from Beautylish here. Detailed tutorial.
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Kim Eric Lilot Skull and Brain Rings. "Tribute to a Genius" 18kt yellow gold with a carved, Australian Fire Opal brain. Go to the link to see more amazing jewelry.
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DIY Inspiration: All Seeing Eye buttons created by artist Elodie Antoine. Seen at anOther mag. The eyeball is the button and the socket is the surrounding fabric when closed. You could make an inspired version using fake glass eyes which are available lots of places because they are used by dollmakers, taxidermists, etc…

Who does this remind you of…

DIY Halloween Bathroom Duct Tape Toilet Paper. Let’s Play a Game… where is the real toilet paper?

Nightmares Bottle from the Etsy Store of wanderingmaid for $15. Having sold my own crafts, $15 is really cheap considering the amount of time this took and glitter used. Wanderingmaid’s description of the Nightmares Bottle:

This vintage look bottle is filled with mystical black “dust” that only the dark night can bring as well as tiny antiqued papers with classic nightmare themes on them that you may want to keep bottled up! Outside bottle has shimmery black tulle wrapped around the neck. Bottle cork has a crescent moon seal on the top in midnight black and comes sealed in black candle wax but can easily be opened to add your own nightmares when they creep up in the night.

DIY Skeleton Hand Hair Clip Tutorial from Morena’s Corner. This is what I call a “stick and glue” DIY on my other blog.
For more DIYs using Skelteon Hands go here. Also, Morena’s Corner must have been reading my mind. Check out these Etsy Skeleton Hand Hair Clips I posted.
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