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“Ever since I was little I literally cry throughout the whole movie of Fox and the Hound. I recently watched it and couldn’t help but sob every single second. It is probably my favorite Disney movie simply from how much emotion it strikes out of me.”

“I wish Disney could make a channel for teens, like TeenNick. It could have all the old, classic shows. Plus they could make shows that deal with more teen-related topics, rather than talking dogs.”

“I wish Disney would come to their senses and start putting some of their old Playhouse Disney shows (all the Pooh Bear shows, Bear in the Big Blue House, etc) and the Toon Disney cartoons (Aladdin, House of Mouse, Chip & Dale, Talespin, etc) in the Disney Junior channel line-up. They appeal to kids/teens of all ages and genders! And I know they still own the rights; I remember buying the DVDs some years back and loving the nostalgia.”

"The Little Mermaid means everything to me, because it instantly makes me feel that little bit happier when I put it on. I hate how people judge my passion for it, and I hate even more so when people bad mouth the movie because Ariel apparantly gave everything up for a man."

TRIGGER WARNING: “I was sexually abused for 10 years and I’d leave my window cracked every night in hopes Peter Pan would take me to Neverland to be a lost girl and keep me safe from my father.”

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Disney princess posters promote sexual abuse awareness.
For more of these posters go here.
(By Saint Hoax)
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